Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just had make another Noble Tilda on the piano,
she's just so sweet.

Played around with the colors of the piano for a bit and
here's what I used

Piano and bench: W1, W3, W5
Left the white unpainted as the paper was white.
Black keys: BV29

Dress: Y11, Y15
Silver Spica glitter for the frills
Flower on the dress, baby blue spica glitter
Green spica glitter for the leaf.

Skin: E21, E000
Hair: E25,E13,E000
Shoes: E25, E000


  1. How pretty! I'm loving all of your pretty magnets and am feeling tempted to try one for myself. Your coloring and floral arrangement is fabulous...hugs...Barb

  2. Gorgeous Tina. I love the blue and yellow together.
    Hugs marion