Thursday, May 24, 2012

Angels from Angels

Here's a mini Album I have created for my sister who has been struck with an illness that has left her paralyzed from neck down.
There are a number ladies from a crochet group I'm in that are crocheting Angels and sending them to me so I can add them to this album, once done I will send it to my sister to help brighten her days a bit.
I know she will love it, it will mean the world to her to know that so many have taken a little of their time to crochet/knit/tat her an angel.


  1. What a beautiful idea. Your sister will be so touched to know of all the angels out there thinking of her. You continue to inspire !!!

  2. I'm so sorry about your sister's illness. Your book with the angels is a wonderful idea. It should bring her comfort that there are others out there that are thinking of her.

  3. Thanks ladies,

    ...the crochet angels have started to arrive and I'm adhering them unto die cuts so they look framed and adding them into the album, it will be such a great album, loaded with angels.