Saturday, July 31, 2010

Here are a couple of books I decorated and use to keep track of all my Magnolia stamps.

I stamped each image and wrote the # and
the image name beside each one.

I am giving one to my sister, so she'll know which ones I have in case she needs one she does not have
I used copic markers to color the images


  1. Very cute idea for keeping track of your stamps. Thanks for sharing. Sorry you lost all your computer data.

  2. Hey, what a good idea! These would make good journals for my granddaughters. Love it. Sorry about your computer problems.
    Sandra Lea

  3. Super idea to actually stamp out the image rather than just recording a name. It can be an inspiration book too. They are very pretty!!!
    hugs, Diana

  4. Thanks Ladies for the wonderful comments
    They are much appreciated.

  5. Your books are so pretty. Congrats on your new blog!

  6. Love your new blog and the books. They are so pretty. I don't have many Tilda's, but I think I will make a book for myself. I will surely get more as time goes on! I love Tilda and Edwin!

  7. Glad to see you up and running Tina! Your books are a great idea and will keep you so organized!

  8. I LOVE your books!!! What a great idea...I think I'm going to make a gift basket with Tlda holding a apple book. Put in some little goodies like different flavors of tea. couple small apple candles ect....Your books are awesome!!!!....PS I just seen a package of pencils with apple on them.....
    hugs, Camille

  9. What a fantastic idea!! Wonderful job coloring your images.
    Kathy Gerace

  10. I love your books....this is such a good ideal
    to keep up with your stamps
    Thank you for visiting my new blog and leaving
    such sweet comments.
    Linda W.