Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Here's my first drawer box card.

made this one for my sister, the dogs in the flowers is really only one dog. I had fun in photo shopping them, I reversed one of the dogs, and made it smaller and added her to the flower to be Baillys partner.
My sister liked it.

In the drawers I will place some dog treats, we are invited to a Poolside BBQ on Sept 4th and so I thought this would be a cool gift along with a photo album I did up of her dog.

Before I give it to her I will add a 2010 calendar on top of the 2011 one.


  1. Hi Tina remember me
    What a lovely box is that.
    You did a great,hope to see you one of these days again.
    Love harma

  2. I love your calendars, you are very talented and inspiring. They are really gorgeous.

  3. Very beautiful. The coloring is great.
    Hugs, Line